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The private property of Hotel Bulgaria is included in the scope of Zone B - conceptual design. Does this mean that the municipality will invest public funds budgeted for the conceptual design for it?


No public funds will be invested in the area. It should not be included in the financial framework set in the competition, but it is important to have an overall vision. The design solution will be offered to the private owner for implementation.


Design development should consider the location of electrical lines, heat lines, water lines, sewer lines, etc., according to the attached sample of underground infrastructure. 
However, there is no information on the underground infrastructure of the City Centre - Dobrich. There is no such information anywhere on the files(dwg, maps and on the competition web site).
Please add a DWG drawing with underground cadastre to the source data! We can use the interactive map as information, but not as a basis for design.
It is very important that the DWG file shows the collectors running both in Democracy Square and under Svoboda and Nezavisimost Squares with their overall dimensions.
The attached dwg file includes all information provided by the Municipality of the City of Dobrich for the city center, including available data for underground infrastructure, etc.
The layers are grouped together for convenience and are excluded upon initial opening.
You can turn on any layer you wish using the layer management menu.
We attach an image with an example of the layers system for the power grid. Similarly, you can turn on all layers or turn on individual groups as you need.

Image with example layers here >


Does the online submission of entry documents by proxy limit the deadline for submission of competition entries to 11/15/2022? After the submission of the registration documents, does the online platform remain open for attaching the competition materials until 30.11.2022? 
Is it possible to submit the entry documents by proxy (via the online platform) and to submit the competition materials as described in Section V, point 3.2.2 of the ToR?
The first step is registration of the participant:
The Public Procurement Act in Bulgaria requires that each tenderer must submit an ESPD (Single European Procurement Document) through the CAIS (Centralised Automated Information System). This declares that they will participate in the public procurement. The signature of the ESPD and the submission to the CEIS shall be made only with an electronic signature issued in the European Union.
Each participant has the possibility to make this registration independently, if he has an electronic signature, or through us, by authorising a lawyer to carry out this action on his behalf.
Only registration is to be made in the CAIS electronic system, without the submission of any competition material.
This complies with the requirements of the law for participation in public procurement.
The deadline for registration in CAIS is 30.11.2022.
Should you choose to authorize us to do this registration for you, you must submit the documents by 11/15/2022 so that we have the technological time to complete the registration in CAIS by 11/30/2022.
Step two is the submission of the contest materials.
Each participant, regardless of whether he/she has registered in CAIS on his/her own or through our platform, can submit the materials by sending them in electronic format through the platform on the competition website or by submitting them in person or by an authorized representative to the office of the Municipality of Dobrich at. 9300 Dobrich Str. City of Dobrich, 9393, Bulgaria 12. They may also be sent by registered mail with return receipt.
The deadline for sending the competition materials, by whatever means, is 30.11.2022.

In view of the above clarifications, the answers to the questions posed by you are as follows:
Regarding question 1 - you can submit the competition materials till 30.11.2022 and the platform will be open for submission.
Regarding question 2 - it is possible to submit the documents by proxy and to send the competition materials to the office of the Municipality of Dobrich;


How will the digitally transmitted boards be presented to the jury? By multimedia, by 900/1300mm print or other (asking for clarification what it is)?

The jury will review the competition entries in digital format, but the entries will be printed at the jurors' request. We plan that jurors will judge the projects on computers with 19" monitors, but they will also be viewed on large format multimedia. Currently, the screen size on which the competition designs will be projected is 2000/1500 mm.


The tender documentation clarifies that the supply of 900x1300mm printed boards is required. Are you able to confirm that this is in fact the desired size as standard print sizes are A0 or 841x1188mm maximum.

Given the size of the scope of the competition area, we considered that the size of the boards should be different from the established standards. The standard print rolls are 90 cm wide. There is no restriction on the length of the print. In view of this, we considered that in the 90/130 cm size. The competition area fits without problem in the scale we have defined.
When submitting your designs you have a choice of two options:
- on your own or via the contest website.
When you choose the second option it is not necessary to send the boards printed on paper. It is sufficient to send them to the electronic site of the competition in the way indicated in the brief.


We have found that there are buildings marked on the competition map as municipally owned but which we are sure are privately owned. We believe that their status has been determined inaccurately. 
We ask for clarification as to whether the following buildings have a permanent or temporary status and for what period: the external staircase to the "high body" in Independence Square; the external staircase to the Bingo Hall in the Rodina Cinema; the Bergon office in the corner between the Gallery and the District Government; the extension to the "department store" - entrance to BILA, and the second floor of building 2 again next to the Rodina Cinema.

1. The ownership of the buildings and properties from the maps and schemes we have attached is as officially recorded in the database existing in the Municipality of Dobrich. 
If the information in this base is outdated or inaccurately filled in this is a matter to be addressed to the municipality or the respective owner whose responsibility it is to submit the correct information to the CCRF from where the ownership information was extracted.. This is a scheme by ownership type according to the cadastral map data, not a reflected ownership based on a survey of ownership. How ownerships are currently reflected in the CCR is publicly visible on the CAIS map -
2. The buildings in the diagram are the buildings on the Cadastral Map as submitted from the City's database. The Cadastral Map does not reflect relocatable objects, given that there is no trace in the source data we have worked with that these objects are not part of the main building sites. Again, a check can be made at CAIS -, which shows that these sites are mapped as cadastral sites.


What is the competition procedure and how will the projects be presented to the jury?

The competition procedure will be conducted as follows:
After receipt of the competition documents and the competition projects, the officials appointed by the Contracting Authority will separate the documents by assigning a unique number corresponding to the number placed on the competition project boards. The officials shall check only that the number, date, time of submission are noted to assess whether the project has been submitted before the deadline for receipt, and the status of the competition projects.
Officials could propose for disqualification projects that they found to be in a form that allowed their anonymity to be breached.
Officials do not have the competence to verify the accuracy of the completed entry documents and will therefore not make proposals for exclusion.
Once the jury has announced the official ranking, the documents of the ranked projects will be opened and, where it finds that the information in the ESPD is missing, incomplete or inconsistent, including an irregularity or factual error, or does not comply with the personal capacity requirements or the selection criteria, the committee will inform the tenderer by means of a message sent to the user profile of the contact person designated for the contract, requesting him to remedy the deficiencies or inconsistencies within 3 working days.
In order to remedy the deficiencies or non-conformities identified, the tenderer may submit a new ESPD and/or other documents containing amended and/or supplemented information. The additional information provided may also cover facts and circumstances that have occurred after the deadline for receipt of tenders.


Is it a sufficient requirement for participation in the competition, in terms of identity verification, that registration for participation be made ONLY electronically?

It is sufficient to submit the documentation electronically only. For your security, you could submit it in the CAIS system authenticated by an electronic signature.
We have assumed that given the specific nature of architectural competitions, no one would abuse submitting a project on behalf of someone else, as if the competition project is shortlisted they will not be able to sign a contract and therefore be awarded the prize.

Is the submission of the competition materials (boards) ONLY electronically sufficient for participation in the competition and how will the project be presented to the jury if submitted ONLY electronically - digitally or analogue?

It is sufficient to submit the competition boards electronically and the competition projects will be presented to the jury in both ways - digitally and analogue, subject to the legal requirements.

We find that there is a contradiction in the requirements for the note on the one hand and on the other hand - we think that a concept and a conceptual design, including an estimated cost is extremely, extremely insufficient to be presented in two A4 pages. The scope of the competition programme is very large and for this reason we believe that this limitation in the text is likely to reduce it to a few repetitive general principles in all the explanatory notes, which cannot be well and substantiated and defended in the design decisions.
We suggest that the competition organisers consider changing the limit from 2 to at least 10 A4 pages.

The requirements imposed on the explanatory note are to ensure that all competition projects are comparable in terms of length and presentation, for the convenience of the judges. Any guidelines for the presentation of the projects, including the explanatory note, are indicative and not binding.
The explanatory memorandum should contain two pages of text, as well as a mandatory costing of the competition project, which is part of the evaluation criteria.
In case you consider it to be extremely insufficient you have the possibility to submit additional material giving more details on the competition proposal.


Are this competition also open for architecture student or freshgraduate?

This competition is open to all and anyone can participate. Conditions are set in case your project is ranked one of the first three places and you are invited to sign a contract, the requirement is that at least one member of the team is able to prove its full design capacity, in accordance with the legislation of the country in which such person is established, as well as any other entity entitled to carry out the activities subject to this competition, on the date of award of the design contract. Eligibility to carry out the activities under this competition means that at least one member of the team must be authorised in his/her country to draw up project documentation, sign and seal it, submit it to the competent institutions for approval and obtain a building permit on the basis of the documentation. The designer must have the right to monitor the construction process, to supervise the author and to sign the documents commissioning the site.
The condition is set with a view to guaranteeing that the authors of the first prize-winning project have the technical and legal capacity to elaborate the project in the next phase of the design, namely a technical and detailed design, to draw up project documentation, to sign and seal it, to submit it for approval to the competent institutions in Bulgaria, and to obtain, on the basis of such documentation, a building permit.
Of course, you may not sign a contract for the elaboration of a technical and detailed design, but in this case the Municipality of Dobrich will acquires the transferable property copyrights on the ranked and awarded projects and may retain and use them in compliance with the requirements of the law.

Do all forms need to be filled by hand? Or can I type all information in these forms in MS Word and then sign them up?

You can fill in the details on a computer and then sign by hand or with an electronic signature.

I would like to ask if we need to bring a proposal for both Zone A and Zone B. Or are we going to work in one zone that we selected?

The competition is for concept for the development, improvement and design of the central city section of Dobrich - Zone A and a conceptual design for Zone B. The project must cover both tasks to participate in the competition.

Do the participants who participate over the internet have to send the physical outputs of the project sheets (6 panels (in size 900 mm / 1300 mm)) to the Municipality of Dobrich?

Submissions can be made just on-line by the  website.
We, as organizers will submit the projects in accordance with the laws in Bulgaria and in the municipality of Dobrich. For this purpose, the participants should sign a power of attorney to a lawyer who will submit the documents to the Bulgarian institutions.
The submission of documents is made as easy as possible to be able to participate.

We thought there will be just the digital submission, but by the end of the brief, we understood that the panels should be delivered physically.
I wanted to ask if it is possible to participate just by online submission.

Submissions can be made just on-line by the website. 
We, as organizers will submit the projects in accordance with the laws in Bulgaria and in the municipality of Dobrich. For this purpose, the participants should sign a power of attorney to a lawyer who will submit the documents to the Bulgarian institutions.
The submission of documents is made as easy as possible to be able to participate.

I want to join this competition. I want to ask if I have to send hard copy for competition materials or I can send only via mail on your site ?

In order to enter the competition via the competition platform, you should perform the following steps:
1. Pre-registration for participation at:
2. The Participant will receive a confirmation of registration at the e-mail address provided
3. Through the login section, the participant can access the competition platform and download, complete and attach an application form. Declaration and Power of Attorney;
4. The participant must then submit all other materials described in Section V.
5. The participant will receive a return email confirming that the project has been received.
6. Following submission of the competition materials, the participant will not be able to make further changes. It will only have access to his account if he wants to see what it has submitted.

Is the competition open for a group of individuals who are not affiliated with a registered office/firm?
If the answer is yes, please explain how the ESPD document should be filled in such a case. 

The competition is open for a group of individuals who are not registered. 
You must present some kind of document/contract to show that you are a group involving certain individuals. In this contract you must be submitted with the application for participation, as well as the following information in relation to the specific procurement:
the rights and obligations of the participants in the association;
the activities to be carried out by each member of the association;
agreement on joint and several liability where such liability is not provided for under applicable law;
the person authorised to represent the association.
Each member of that association must complete separately ESPD document


Anyone interested in participating in the competition may request written explanations regarding the competition.

Questions can be submitted up until November 20th, 2022 (10 days before the deadline for submission of the competition projects) by email: